The Workers Clinic

In her practice, Dr. Bannister addresses all aspects of an injured worker's care, including physical and mental health.  She prides herself on good communication with patients to help them understand their diagnoses and treatment plan.  She also coordinates care with other specialists and makes sure that all aspects of an injury are addressed.  Dr. Bannister keeps open lines of communication with employers, case managers/QRCs, and attorneys.  She provides detailed work restrictions that take into account the type of work that a patient performs.

The Workers Clinic is focused only on the management of workers compensation patients and does not provide employer-facing services such as pre-placement exams, DOT physicals, or respirator clearance exams.

We accept state and federal workers compensation insurance.  If your workers compensation claim has been denied and you have an attorney, please have your attorney contact the office.  We do not accept private insurance, auto insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive an email link to establish a patient portal account with AthenaHealth.  Once there you can complete forms prior to your first appointment.  With the portal you can access your work ability letters, summary of care, and patient instructions.  You can also send messages to Dr. Bannister using the portal.


Bannister Occupational Medicine Consulting

Dr. Bannister provides medicolegal consulting services related to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Federal workers compensation plaintiff's cases. She is currently  the Medical Consultant for the State of MN Department of Labor and Industry and is well versed in Minnesota workers compensation treatment parameters and the permanent partial disability schedule. She has experience with workers compensation case management including utilization review and peer review. She is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin and has training in the use of the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition.

Services available:

  • Records Review
  • Narrative Reports
  • Medical Consulting regarding work related injuries or illnesses
  • Permanent Partial Disability Ratings
  • Plaintiff's Independent Medical Exams (IME) for workers compensation

Dr. Bannister will travel within the State of Minnesota to meet with attorneys and consulting clients.

If you are a workers compensation attorney and have a need for consulting services not listed, please contact Dr. Bannister at to discuss your request.

Protocols and Policies for Medicolegal Clinic Services.